Robot Universe is an mmorpg in a futuristic, apocalyptic world where robots have taken over.

A long time ago, there was a scientist who designed these robots to help mankind, but it backfired. The robots turned on mankind and ever since there has been feud between the two, robots and man. Mankind now battle these robots to destroy them once and for all. Although robots are mankinds greatest enemy, they are also mankind's greatest asset. Since recently we have understood what has went wrong with the robots and we are able to control the newly built ones that we build ourselves.

But watch out! Not all people are kind hearted, some are thieves and bandits that prey on the innocent.

In the beginning of the game, you have just come of age to legally own a robot suit. You ordered a robot kit and built a basic robot suit. You will use this robot suit to aid mankind so they may finally defeat the evil rogue robots once and for all.

As you defeat more enemies, the more your experience your robot suit will get. Every level you will get a point, you may use these points to update a class (classification) of your robot suit. Some classifications are fighting, fire, water and energy. Every ten levels of a classification you will learn a new move, which will resemble the class/have its type. Also, every ten levels your robot suit will look more like the classification of which it has the highest of.

If you update a classification that is not the dominant class, it will not change its looks. Eventually through out the game you will be able to order more robot kits so you may have up to three robot suits. If your robot suit gets damaged from a battle, you will have to go to a safe haven which is the only safe place from the robots, which there will be people. Here you would have to find a repair shop to fix your robot suits and purchase upgrades.

Your goal is to survive and complete missions in the hope it will make a difference in the never ending battle between man and robots.

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